Hi, my name’s Alissa Sherman, and I’m here to just express my infinite gratitude for Dr. Shefali’s online courses. I just finished her latest one, ‘The Awakened Family: Part Two’, and it was life-changing on every level. I mean, there are no words to even describe it. The amount of soul-searching, and digging, and deconstructing that we did as a group, I literally see the world through a different lens. And I am so grateful, because I think that only Dr. Shefali has the ability to bring this out in us in a 4-week course online. I mean, it would take a lifetime for people to uncover and deconstruct the things we were able to accomplish in 4 weeks. But the most unique thing about her courses, and I have found this in all of them, is the community. The support that we get, and the friendships that are built, and the amount of connectedness that is formed in these online groups courses. I just, you know, as much as I feel like there’s– I’ve done so much work. How much more can I do? I look forward to her next course. I know I will be there. There is always work to do. This is a journey, a life-long journey, it never ends. And I just, I’m excited to see what she’s bringing next because every single course is just transformative on every level possible!

Alissa Sherman

Jacqui Dunbar The Awakened Heart… challenging, spiritual, connection to the as is. The reason it’s challenging is because we are being asked to rise and detach and separate from the bits of ourselves we try to numb with chocolate or movies whatever it might be (these are mine). The process of letting go. We are learning to identify what these things (the parts we’re trying to numb) are and why. It helps us to think about relationships differently. Meditation component sets us up to put the learning into practice. For me personally it has helped me to start to detach from outcomes of work, uni, relationships and most of all it has taught me self care. Suzi Lula has taken a few meditation sessions as well and it’s been fantastic. I highly recommend it, it’s priceless. And the beautiful tribe of people I am experiencing this with are supportive and understanding. I’ve just joined this Anger course so I’m looking forward to catching up 🙂 To have the opportunity to ask Dr Shefali questions as well has been a great privilege.

Jacqui Dunbar

I have done a lot of introspection & study in my life and Dr. Shefali’s course, The Year of the Awakened Heart has brought new levels of joy into my world, including glimpses of transcendence. What I am learning through the wisdom sessions and group, global meditations inspires me daily!

Tammy Ramsay

  Dr. Shefali is truly amazing! Her message is so moving. I was first introduced to her work by watching her interview with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday. When I listened to her, it was like something stirred inside of me and totally shook me. And, uh, woke me up, and I couldn’t get enough. I read, “Conscious Parent.” And then when she had a tele-seminar and I participated in Level 1 and Level 2, it was this huge gift because I just wanted to keep learning and learning. And it really– it’s a difficult process. It is very challenging, but it is worth every single second. Her teaching got me out of reactivity. I was constantly being triggered all the time with my kids and reacting. And I knew there was a better way, but it was just so hard. And I just didn’t know what else to do. And her work really opened my eyes to knowing that it’s all about me, it really has nothing to do with the kids. And that’s so freeing to know that, that I can work on me. And her work has truly changed my connection with myself and then, in turn, my connection with my kids. I mean, as I learn to navigate my own inner landscape, and honor my own self; that I do the same for my kids, and show them how to live a full, authentic life where they are connected with themselves first. So, thank you so much, Dr. Shefali, for all that you have taught. You are changing the world, and I want to be part of that! Thank you!

Amanda Votto

Tia Fagan Do it! Commit and take the chance. The evolution of yourself is what we need individually, our children need us to do. The Awakened Heart course will change your family and radiate out into the world. You all become a witness to your patterns, your inner child needs, and so much more. “Fury” gets quieter, and when she arises you can be a witness to her and find the calm from your essence, creating connection. The teachings in The Awakened Heart will only support the incredible course that Renee and Dr. Shefali have created here. Join us. You will not regret it. Truly life changing.

Tia Fagan

Skye Jennifer This course The Year of the Awakened Heart is “the work of your soul and life”…….I cannot say enough. My authenticity rises each week and though the process is daunting if this calls to you at all don’t hesitate. To live a life being lead to take action in the best interest of your own awakening is a rush in the best way. I can not say enough about the level of commitment that Dr. Shefali Tsabary gives in this course – her wisdom resonates as a universal truth that lies within each of us and she guides you to shed the layers that are blocking you from seeing your own light and divinity. The content is rich and layered and you have access to it all so I often go back and view again to deepen the lesson and each time it shifts something anew in me. Your personal evolution awaits you within this course with a beautiful thriving community to love and support you along the way 💜​💜​💜​

Skye Jennifer

Norell Carter I can not even begin to put into words what The Year of the Awakened Heart course and the accompanied Meditation classes have done for my life. A total and utter game changer! I have spent years and tens of thousands of dollars on personal development courses, but this is hands down second to none. And it can all be done in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. It is truly the best investment I have ever made in myself.

Norell Carter

Dr. Shefali’s courses lifted weights off my shoulders that had been there for quite some time. I learned how to: be still rather than react, I learned how to be in the “as is” and how to not fight the current situation – which has helped me in the roller coaster of my business. I also learned how to set good boundaries, how to not impose my wants on others – and how to honor people and their respective journeys. All of what I have learned has already helped me exist more peacefully as a woman, wife and mother. The course was transformation and I know it will continue to be as I evolve as a spiritual being. I was blown away by Dr. Shefali’s involvement and devotion to the course, and us, her students. She was generous with her time and wisdom via email, the webinars, and Facebook – and I’m excited for the opportunity to keep learning from her!

Catia Holm

Jean Brown I have taken Dr.Shefali’s courses: 4 Weeks to an Awakened Family, Level One and Level Two. In eight weeks my life was amazingly transformed! I learned so many valuable things, among them how to parent my Inner Child. This in itself was totally life changing for me. I learned where my belief systems came from, why I was feeling the way I was, and how to nurture my Inner Child. I experienced an increased awareness into my behaviours. The daily exercises were incredibly powerful, reaching to the very core of my being. We had a Facebook Group which gave us the opportunity to communicate with others in the course, and to experience community and acceptance. I really appreciated that we could also ask Dr.Shefali questions, and receive her support and compassion. These courses exceeded any expectations that I had. I knew that working on myself would have an affect on my family, my relationships, and my life, but the depth of the work, and the life changes that happened, were more than I could have ever imagined. I am so grateful for Dr.Shefali’s teachings, wisdom, and compassion. I have taken courses before and read many books, but Dr.Shefali has a unique way of teaching and helping that really works. I love the way she mixes Eastern Teachings with Psychology. I am so grateful for Dr.Shefali and these courses she has given!

Jean Brown



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