Shefali Tsabary, PhD Clinical Psychologist & Author, shares advice for parents on the effects that over-consumerization has on kids and how to negate its negative impacts on your child.


I think as parents we’re getting swept up in this over consumerization and over production of life and we don’t even realize it. We’re becoming a society that’s truly become obsessed with the wrong things, with things that take as farther away from a sense of groundedness from a sense of beingness. This is now manifesting in the pressures our children feel, anxiety, marital strife, divorce, bulimia, binge dieting. All of these are symptoms of parental obsession with the wrong things in life. Let me explain a little bit about what i mean by the overproduction of life. As a society, we’ve become consumed with how things look on an external level and we’ve forgotten that the true value of our being state lies in our ownership of the self, the inner self and because we’ve forgotten that life is truly to be an inward journey of reflection and growth, we are now consumed and obsessed about how we look, how we dress, our zip code, who we marry and because we’ve lost this inner connectivity, we’re searching for a mirror of our inner self in the outer world. Its this search for self that ultimately is the underpinning to the bully, to the criminal, to the derelict, to the lass, to the abuser and the abuse. They’re all searching for self but they’re searching for it in the wrong places, searching for it in the overproduction of life rather than in the stillness of being

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