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Pascale Gozlan

Conscious Coach
Work Urban agglomeration of Montreal Montreal Quebec H9J3M8 Canada Work Phone: +1 514-561-2880 CPMCP™ Certification: June 9, 2019 Website: www.pascalegozlan.com
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I am Pascale Gozlan, conscious coach and mother of four free spirited girls. I live in Montreal, Canada with my husband Tomer and our daughters. We unschool our children and are committed to living a simple, authentic and meaningful life.

My personal transformation began when I became pregnant with my first child. My inner wisdom called, and I listened. I didn’t know it then, but along with my first born came the gift of the journey back to my authentic self.

This path involved many blessings and also challenges. It turned everything I knew on its head, and involved swimming against the tide to find my truth and freedom.

Today, I coach parents who wish to raise themselves and connect to their children to build a relationship based on love and trust. I help families establish an atmosphere of peace and joy in their home, where every member feels seen and valued, and where everyone’s needs are met.


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